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I have a 64 1/2 coupe for sale which has now been vandalized, so now I have to ask even less in hopes to move it faster, I cant let it sit around forever taped up with plastic.

Its a red white white stripes coupe a la Shelby style. The hood has the shelby scoop, the sides have the shelby side scoops, but one is now missing. It had a shelby racing apron but it is now busted (could be fiberglassed together again i guess).

The car has a clean title but has been through these two semi traumatic events: First it suffered a brake line failure while rolling to stop and rearended a Licoln Navigator. The front end of the mustang is now a little crunched. The fender could be repaired. The radiator support and front drivers side inner fender took a little damage as well. The hood would need replacing too most likely.

The car WAS for sale like that, but now: Someone came along and smashed out the 4 large windows and then pushed the car out into the street where it came into contact with the guard rail. The bumper now has a dent in it as well as the corner where the rear fender and the under the bumper piece meet.

Additional Info: drivetrain has been replaced with a later 70s 302 warmed over with some edelbrock equipment and a later model 5speed transmission. The rear end is now also 4.10:1 The car has later model high backed seats and a roll bar installed as well. I bought this car as it is so i there is a little mystery about some things. It has traction bars installed and I beleive it has performance springs installed at least in the front.

The car needs someone to love it again. Email me with any questions at [email protected]

I will add/link pictures soon

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Where in NC are you?

I am in charlotte and would like to see the car if you are not too far away.
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