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64 1/2 firewall sound deadener/insulation/sealer goo

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Working on a 64 1/2 and getting ready to shoot the engine compartment. I know on the later Mustangs the firewall sound deadener was an asbestos body Schutts type of product, but the stuff on the firweall of this rust free California car is more of a runny, black asphalt type of stuff. Does anybody know what it is originally? I want to duplicate it correctly, not something like the Body Schuts. thanks.

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I think Dave is referring to the sealant that is applied to the pinch weld at the front of the cowl (under the rear of the hood). It's the same stuff used in the trunk floor areas as a sealant. It looks like it is poured on or applied in a very semi-liquid form. Charles, would you use Evercoat for this? I know that Evercoat is really good for firewall penetrations, but I think it's too viscous for the application Dave is talking about.
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