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I really need some advise I have a 64 1/2 conv. it is as near mint as I can tell what I would like is info on 170 6 cyl are they common what are they worth and also what would it cost to convert to a 289 or 302 it is for sale but might just keep it with more power

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64.5 convertible with 170, 3-spd. combo is worth about $16K if it is in #1 condition. That means it needs absolutely nothing and is capable of winning "Best in Show". Very few cars fit that description.

Most cars fall into Category 3, which is a clean sharp car that the casual observer will find no fault with. In that category, this car is worth about $8,500 ($8K if it has the 3-speed manual).

These cars aren't exactly common, but that doesn't translate into rarity value. They are somewhat rare only because most people wanted the bigger six or the V-8 and that continues to be true today.

Someone else will have to give you a feel for the V-8 conversion cost, since I don't know much about that, but I hope the above helps.

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Click the FAQ link in my sig and look for i6 to v8 conversion topics in the Mechanical and General sections. It's a bit of a job---you may be better off selling the 64 1/2 to someone who wants it for its historical value and buying a car with a v8 already in it.

There are some who have beefed up their i6s to v8-class power, but I don't think your 170 engine is a candidate for that. I'd guess a 200 would be your starting point for enhancing a 6. But check out the FAQ topics on beefing up a 6; there are some links to some websites that specialize in i6 power.


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