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65 0r 66 Parts

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Is anybody parting out a 65 or a 66? I need a few parts, please let me know. Thanks
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im not parting out my 66 coupe, but i have various odds and ends just laying around... email me [email protected] or just ask here and tell me what you need
I'm not parting out, and I'm not a parts dealer/vender, just have several parts left over from my 65 & 66 projects.

I have:

New repro 65-66 Hipo fan shroud
New repro 65 Hipo chrome air cleaner w/gold base
New repro 65 instrument cluster housing
New repro 65 instrument cluster lens
New repro 65 Hipo manual choke cable
New repro lock set (ignition & both doors w/2 sets of keys)
Used 65-66 glove box lock & key w/matching trunk lock
NOS 65-68 hood/trunk light kit
Rare NOS (correct--not service replacement) 66 vanity mirror
Rare used 64-66 horse head bumper guards
Restored 66 AM 8-track radio
NOS 66 door speaker grills
Nice 65-66 deluxe steering wheel w/real wood (not aftermarket)

1966 GT convertible
[email protected]
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I'm clearing out my garage, making room for a workbench. Have both original ford fenders, hood, decklid,
both front buckets, and miscellaneous parts. Lemme know...

64.5 convertible (restomod in progress)
sold the COBRA for family sedan (new addition)

I dont need my wifes permission....
I'm not above begging forgiveness!!
Dear Rich,

How much are you asking for the NOS 66 door speaker grills?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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