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65 351C swap

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my 289 seems a bit tired and ready for a rebuild. A guy is selling 351C near me. ii was thinking about buying and taking it apart and looking at it and then dropping it in my 65. I know that these 65's have narrower engine compartments. Will the 351 fit? and if so what other mods would i need? would the suspension need an upgrade to hold the bigger engine? Different motors mounts? i also have a 4 speed Might i need a new bellhousing? Drive line? IF anyone has done this swap please let me know. TIA
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1. Yes it will fit
2. Need 64 Falcon (early 65) 3 peice motor mounts
3. Need special headers ( or tubular automotive)
4. 4 speed will bolt right up since this is still a small block
5. Suspesion should be just fine if this car has a v8 suspension on it, you should consider the addition of front torque boxes, export brace, and MC bar
6. Low rise intake...many of the mid rise intake put the carb up to high to close the hood without a scoop...I run an excelerator intake on mine and it all fits under the stock hood with 1/2 to spare....I also run a torque strap to keep everything in place

This is a VERY tight fit, but don't be dissuaded, it fits in the car and makes people do double takes :)

Feel free to visit my website for many pictures of the process the car has gone through over the last 2 years. Feel free to PM me or post follow-up questions at any time. We are here to help.

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hmmm, the guy is selling the engine for quite cheap, seems very suspicious. Says it ran 2 months ago when he pulled it, but that doesnt mean much. Think i could buy the engien then trade someone for a rebuildable 302 to drop in. That woudl be much less work and i wouldnt need new headers or a low rise intake. OR i coudl buy the engine, store it and rebuild it and start collecting parts to do the swap later. My engine may still have a little bit of life left in it. Anyone wanna trade a 351C for a 302?
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