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65 6 cylinder power steering

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I recently removed the power steering assembly from a 65 Mustang with a 6 cylinder engine. I would like to put it in my 65 2+2 with 6 cylinder engine. I have 2 questions:
1. Does anyone know where I can get the control valve rebuilt or get parts for the system?
2. Is the 6 cylinder power steering set up (control valve, pump and hydraulic cylinder) different on a 6 than on an 8 cylinder car?
I can be reached at [email protected]
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A 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder have two different control valves. a 6 cyl has a screw off type control valve (like a 67-70, but different). An eight cylinder has a the control valve built onto the drag link. Virginia Classic Mustang can rebuild your control valve for $119.95. Or if you would like one out right, it is $119.95 plus $250.00 for a refundable core charge. I hope this has helped

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I am rebuilding my v8 66 control valve right now too. You can get the complete rebuild kit (minus the bronze sleeve) for about 35.00 from national parts. The sleeve is like 10 bucks.
Not a big deal to rebuild either.
And yes, the 6 cyl and v8 are different as replied to above
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