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65 6 t0 8 conversion

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I am in the process of installing a 66 289 with v8 c4 into a 65 6 cyl coupe. What problems will I run into other than the obvious( perches,motor mounts,radiator,accelerator linkage, suspension and rear end.)Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Current status is engine in engine bay in proper position in motor mount but the transmission mount is about 1" off to the rear. Could there possibly be different motor mounts with the stud offset?

Thanks in advance

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Maybe the motormounts need to be switched from side to side? If you have them installed on the wrong side, it will cause the engine and transmission to be forward by about 1".

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The fuel line for the 6 is different than the 8. You will have to make a new line that will go
to the V8 pump. The 6 line comes in behind the shock tower and the 8 comes in in front.
Oil and temp wires are a different length.

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