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65/66 & 67-70 street competition engine crossmembers

sold over 100 this past year to Mustang forum members, excellent reviews. 100% satisfaction

$20 forum discount off of ebay pricing when purchased direct ( not thru ebay )

email [email protected]

better designed & made from far superior materials than the cheaper competition advertised on THIS forum and on ebay.

larger diameter tubing than other aftermarket crossmembers, has a round jackpad that will fit your floor jack perfectly, not thin and poorly shaped like other inferior crossmembers. I am flattered that my jackpad innovation was copied, however poorly.

higher priced than the competition, you get what you pay for. There's no free lunch.

1965 1966 Mustang Street Competition Engine Crossmember Fits Hipo Shelby GT350 | eBay

1965 1966 Mustang Street Comp Engine Crossmember w Jack Pad Fits Hipo Shelby | eBay

67 70 Mustang Street Comp Crossmember Fits Hipo BOSS302 Shelby GT350 GT500 | eBay

67 70 Mustang Street Comp Crossmember w Jack Pad Fits Hipo Boss 302 Shelby'S | eBay


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