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'65/'66 Lower suspension arm length

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If you're under your car please measure the distance between the front lower arm pivot bolt center and the zerk fitting. Post the length here. I am curious to know if the arms are all the same length or if some suppliers provide different length arms. Thanks!
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I measure 14" from the tip of the zerk to centerline of pivot bolt. The arms are OEM Ford parts not re-pros or replacement parts.
If you want I can blast you a pic of my arm w/ ruler in place, they are currently off the car for a rebuild. Let me know.
Hope this helps /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
My cars PO did a suspension mod on my car and I can see what he's done (car had 351c in it but now has 5.0L HO in it). I'm going to be reassembling the suspension this weekend and wanted to know if different lengths existed. I checked the local Mustang shop and measured '65/'66, '67/68' and '69/'70. The reading I took was about 13" on the first, about 16" on the others. Got home and measured mine and they were about 14". That's what gave rise to my question. Happy to hear yours are 14" because thats similar to the ones I intended to install. I'll pass by the Mustang shop on my way home and take another measurement on the ones they supply.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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