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1. Ignition Switch with Key (if you have the door locks keyed the same, price the door locks also).

2. Rear "floor" panel in the fastback area. This is the panel closest to the trap door that is part of the flat area when the seat folds down. It is not part of the fold down parts, it is always "down". Hope that is clear enough.

3. Fastback interior quarter molding trim. This is the trim set that runs from the rear of the door opening and covers the seam just above the rear quarters. It runs all the way around the fast back area to the other door opening. It is a 4 piece set. I really only need the two pieces that start at each door opening and the small seam cover plate that is in the center of the back area.

4. Fold down seat latch.

5. Trap door latch.

Let me know what you have. You can send me a PM to let me know what you have.

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