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Newbie - Never took the time to post on here, but always enjoyed the info

Watching a set of 65 66 parchment seat belts on ebay - link below if I did it right - supposedly restored by Dallas Mustang according to the ad, but they look to have several issues.

Color looks off to me, and I believe the retractors are too long or the wrong year from what I can find. Also, the covers were painted and the paint is coming off.

These apparently have new webbing - I don't want a set with old webbing - as I would like them to be safe and correct. Was thinking about bidding on them, but thought there had to be a better alternative.

Any help, source or better options would be greatly appreciated - hate to settle at this stage. Thanks for your time - and great forum.

Item number: 270210008096

I would pass on those. This is at least the second time they have been through ebay. They just look wrong to me. Yes the webbing may be new but that seems like alot. I would find a good set that needs redone and send them to Stewart at python. My .02
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