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65 GT350 Extra Parts

Ive saved a bunch of real choice parts for 65 GT350 but now I don’t have any to do, just a pot full of late Shelbys and Bosses. If you have any questions or want pictures let me know

Cragar wheels set of 5 – we had 5 mint straight rim wheels, the outer rings were re-chromed and the centers have been restored to original 65 type condition. If you want a set of real wheels, here they are – complete with correct caps and lugs! Car show judges can tell in a second if wheels are real! – $5000 New Oil line and block adaptor $125, NOS R-Model CS Tachometer – cable drive mechanical – complete with adapter and cable $1200, NOS Arm Rest Bases $100 pr. , NOS T10 Speedo steel drive gear $100, Concours restored early kinked shifter- complete $550, Cragar Lugs $100 set, NOS Gold R1A Oil Filter $300, original Concours restored – look Like NOS! Rear Kelsey hayes Brake drum - 3 dimple 65 version $600 pr. 2 ½ inch metallic segmented rear brake shoes $225, Hipo axles $350 restored!, 715 Holley Carb Restored 513 dated $1200, Blueprinted Hipo distributor $395 late 64 dated, R Model Oilpan with large pickup $525, Concours prebent fuel and brake lines – we can do them without bending for boxing for that concours car! Kelsey Hayes Calipers - original restored to Concours $550 Pr. Kelsey Hayes Brake Prop Valve – Restored $295 outright! 66 Chrome Magnum Wheels correct 14 x 6 JK rims restored with caps and lugs $2500 set! Restored 65 style Master Cylinder – sleeved bore $250, NOS Door weatherstrips $300 pr. NOS C5ZZ kick panels – $400 pr. NOS Ford sill plates $125 pr. NOS Hood klik pins $100 pr. NOS Front or Rear Valence $250 Cobra Scattershield with correct side hook Clutch Fork and Boot $1200, NOS Strut Rods $250 pr. NOS Old style Control Arms $2000/set of 4, NOS Chrome door handle bases $100, 65 axle Tube - mint pit free – black primered $1500, NOS Rear license Plate Light $125, NOS Fomoco Script Lower Hose $125, NOS Clip on Window Cranks $125, NOS Back up light rubber pads $25pr. NOS Parking Light assemblies $100 pr. Correct new Tri-Y headers – deadnuts – tapered flanges, correctly mitercut, welded correctly on inside, clearanced for 4 speed (if necessary) and header bolts $995 Jet coating $125. 15 x 7 New Torque Thrust D with Correct Polished outers $850/4 Original 66 GT350 Optional 10 spoke wheel with original Goodyear Blue Streak Spare – concours $2000, Cobra 9000 Camera case 66 Tachometer restored $650, NOS tie rods set of 4 $400, Restored Ray Brown Chrome Belts $1000! If you don’t see it ask. Email pics available ! Jim Cowles (920) 434 3645 434 9737 FX [email protected]
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