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It could be.

From Tom Schmidt's site:

Here are some items to look for. Factory GT's will have the following
in 1965-66:

1. Build date after March 1965.

2. A or K code engine (in VIN).

3. Front disc brakes, heavy duty springs, sway bar and shocks (was available
with other packages or in some cases individually-front discs).

4. Factory dual exhaust (was also available with non-GT's and C codes).
Will have correct floor and rear frame rail reinforcements.

5. In 1965 they received a different glove box door than standard Mustangs
and full gauges similar to 1966's.

6. Grill lights (driving lights) mounted to the grill center with
horizontal bars.

7. Correct wiring harness and placement coming to and from the
radiator core support to the light bar.

8. Correct switch and placement of on the under left hand side of the
dash for the fog light switch.

9. Side GT stripes and emblems (no holes in fender for the standard
MUSTANG script or running horse).

10. Chrome exhaust tips existing through the rear valance (round with
chrome/stainless oval trim). Will show no sign of rear bumper guards.

11. Gas cap - standard Mustang on '65 GT's on '66 special GT gas cap.

12. No rocker panel molding so no mounting holes.

13. No quarter panel trim so no mounting holes.

14. No special interior or wheel packages required.

I can think of two other things to check that were not mentioned. The hole in the dash for the fog light switch would be "D" shaped, not round. Under the rear seat there is an extra piece of sheet metal, like a reinforced patch panel, where the rear exhaust hanger was bolted in place.

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Last, but not least, the wiring harness on a 65 GT is different than a non-GT. If you turn on the fog lights, the instrument and taillights will come on. All 66's were wired for fog lights, but only GT's in 65 had this feature. If the wiring harness has not been spliced into, this is one of the harder things to fake.
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