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'65 clutch Chatter - Progress

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I got a call from the garage this morning. They have been able to duplicate the problem, severe engine/clutch vibration on pullaway, by putting the car on the ramp and using the parking brake, and trying to stall the engine. Looking at the car from underneath they observed that the engine is moving around excessively, the motor mounts are not broken, they just appear to be not man enough to hold the engine. Ah...Ah...number one on the list of suggestions formulated from input from you guys....motor mounts.

Bottom line.....I'm going to order new mounts from Lakewood....its cheaper for me to do that direct, than to go through the garage mark up and then they are going to fit them. I believe that the new mount will move the engine up about .5 inches, which will probably mean I'll have to buy a new air cleaner as I currently don't have any underhood clearance.

Will keep you all posted.
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I also had the same problem with new mounts. My headers were smacking the wheel well. Another option for you is a torque strap. I installed one for around $15, and it solved all my problems. I used a turnbuckle and a leftover seatbolt bracket. Here's what it looks like:
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