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65 Clutch Linkage?

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Question about the Clutch linkage on a 65 Mustang 289 4 speed.
Can anyone tell me if there is suppose to be any springs
that attach directly to the ZBar? Like maybe on the upper
arm of the Zbar to the firewall? or that connects the lower arm of the Zbar to the end of the Clutch fork.?( I do have the long spring that attaches from the frame and reaches back to end of the Clutch fork.) The Zbar is not drilled with any holes
in it to attach any springs?
I'm just about finished installing my 4 speed, and have
found I must be missing a spring somewhere, as the
Clutch pedal will go to the floor, but not come back.
( I do have the heavy assist spring installed on the Clutch
pedal up under the dash.)...... Any help would be
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My 65 4 speed has only the springs you mentioned. The pedal stays on the floor unless you pull it back if the Z bar is not in place.

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Without all of the linkages attached, mine went all the way to the floor and stayed there. But when I put in all of the linkages and adjusted it, the pedal returned to the correct position.

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My 66' Shelby isn't a 65 but I'll bet they're the same in this respect.

Let me tell you what I do know. The only spring on the Z-bar actually doesn't connect to the Z-bar at all (that's why yours has no holes?). It goes from the clutch fork to the frame, it is long as you describe and "traps" the Z-bar and adjustable link.

Some Z-bars I've seen on 69'-70' cars have a spring as you describe. One connects the top of the Z-bar to the firewall and another smaller one on the bottom to "sandwich" the linkage between the Z-bar and clutch fork.

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It sounds as if your clutch is not adjusted or the rod that goes between the bottom of the z-bar and the throwout bearing fork is not in the fork. The only spring on the bottom end of the assembly goes from the fork to the bottom of the driver's side motor mount (on my car).
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