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I want to convert the front drum brakes to disc on my 1965 "C" code fastback. Will I have to change the spindles or did Ford use the same spindle on drum and disc cars? Did 1965 front disc brake calipers have single or dual pistons?

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65/66 different spindles 6 cly or 8 cyl. Drum and disc 8 cyl are the same. Calipers were 4 piston Kelsey Hayes
I believe Stainless Steel Brake makes a conversion to Discs that allows you to use your drum brake spindles

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68-73 those are different disc or drum<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by SuperCJ on 04/02/01 01:00 AM (server time).</FONT></P>

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Original 1965-1967 V8 spindles are the same disc or drum, they use 4 piston kelsey hayes calipers with a special mounting bracket that is attached to an ordinary V8 spindle.If you want to upgrade to 68-73 Mustang style brakes-single piston, then you will have to change spindles.Another popular change is the granada swap-again spindles would have to be changed-and there could be wheel issue's with the granada swap.

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Got the Stainless Steel kit. Goes on the drum spindles.
got a dual master cylinder kit. New Stainless steel brake lines and brake kit from Classic Tube. They had the best price for the SSB disk kit..

Note you cannot put POWER brakes on a standard transmission. At least the 64-66 model, The clutch push rod is in the way for a power brake booster. Of course unless you want to change over to a cable clutch, can you say big bucks$$$$$

My son got me into this and I'm having a ball
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Power brakes will install on a standard transmission application. The brake pedal will have to be a power brake pedal with the pivot located at the top, and installed in the upper bushing of the brake pedal support
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