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65 fastback parts to make coupe into fastback located in port charlotte fl 33952 pm for more info

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recently acquired project 66 coupe that someone welded fastback roof on that has f/b trunk area and lid but bottom of rear section rusted away including frame rails . Would need another donor car to build that i do have that has excellent rails but rusty quarters. NOT FOR THE FAINTOF HEART!bILL OF SALE FROM ME TO YOU- NO FASTBACK NUMBERS. 8000 CASH Have v8 suspension for v8 build included and drip rails on f/b roof section could use replaced but available. Missing fastback floor brackets to install rear int panels.Have some fold down panels included. I could remove fastback roof and secure to coupd with good rails and deliver for expenses of renting truck to transport ect.
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Its pretty ruff but come on up,bring the coupe trunk lid for trade on something as my projects keep having babies or something. Wes
I've been trying to make it there Wes. I was working so many hours at work I just didn't have much free time. I haven't even been working on my mustang. I did start going through the motor and that turned in to a nightmare. Right after xmas I will reach out before I head up.
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