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65 Fastback Restomod Build- Coyote Powered

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Ok, I am FINALLY going to start a build thread. Anyone wanting to see current progress though will probably have to wait a little bit as it will take me awhile to tell the story from the beginning and document the progress.
A little back ground: I am the second owner of this A Code 65 GT Fastback. I bought it back in 1977 right after graduating high school. It was my second Mustang, my first car being a 66 coupe, C Code Emberglow coupe. I drove the car through some college, couple jobs, marriage and divorce. Multiple other cars/truck came and went but this one stayed. It work Cragers and Keystone Klassics along the way
Unfortunately, when young, about 1981 I started working on it with no garage, limited tools and experience and no internet to research. Progress stalled and the car deteriorated some. Divorce, no money, going back to school etc and the car sat. Finally in 1985 or so I took a stab at getting it going, dropping another 289 in it and driving it around some covered in black primer. Then I graduated with my degree in electronics and moved to Texas to work in the defense industry and the car sat. It sat for several decades through job changes, a new wife and building a house. My wife asked me why I didn't go to car shows and I told her it was because I might get the bug again. Finally my sister started dating a guy who was finishing up rebuild of a 64 Impala. He had done all the work himself and I saw pictures of the rust bucket he had started out with. The bug bit and left an itch that had to be scratched!


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good job man its looking good! im not looking forward to having my floor pans replaced at all...
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