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'65 front splash shield?

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WIth any luck, I should be welding on my fender bracket by tomorrow on my '65. When I ordered it from NPD, I also ordered the front splash shield and rubber which I assume mounts behind the headlight bucket to protect the headlight from water. Either that, or I've ordered a part that isn't for a '65. My car doesn't have a splash shield protecting the headlight. There isn't any sign that there ever was one.

Is it supposed to have one? If so, where does it mount in relation to the front fender bracket?



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My '66 splash shield on the front mounts right up against the back of the headlight area. I'm not sure if they changed it between years, but that's where it goes for mine. It's kinda curved in the middle (like an L shape) so it goes around the area where it would attach to that fender bracket.

I think. I'm not at home to look at it. :)

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There should be two splash shields per side. A larger one near the door, and a smaller one behind the headlight.

Coppertone's current condition:
Front fender splash shields mount to the the headlight bucket. Each side looks a little different. IIRC, The center of the P/S bracket is curved, while the D/S is more square (or L shaped). Rubber mounts to bracket. God awful staples supplied. I nixed those and had a pop-rivet party. Both fender splash shield attach to headlight bucket via three 3/8" head sheetmetal screws (probably 5/16 shaft).
I believe that the purpose of them shields is to keep crud from accumulating around the headlight buckets.

Oh, by the way, spell checker needs some tailoring, it barfed on fender. I will send a private message to Bob.

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IIRC the repro splash shield metal is a bit different from the original in contour. I would recommend mounting it first to the fender then test fitting the fender to the car to determine where the fender bracket needs to go.


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