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65 GT Fastback K-Code on the way! (Thanks)

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After months of repetitious searching, phone calls, email, inspections, near misses, close calls, negotiations ... the car I've been searching for was finally found, and loaded this morning into an enclosed trailer! It will soon be headed to San Diego from Charlotte, and waiting the next week or so will be excruciating. At least I'll have fresh data to offer those looking for transport recommendations (hopefully positive!).

Thank You! to all who participate here on VMF. I've been an active reader, lurking (primarily) for about two years, and like others, have learned so much from so many of you. The knowledge I've gained through VMF has been invaluable to my efforts to choose, find, buy, and move this car.

Can't wait to hit the pavement ... Thanks!
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Pictures!! We need PICTURES!! (and data plate info)
Big hearty congratulations!
What an exciting time for you! I love this kind of stuff. Let us know how it all goes for you.

Good Luck!
Hey man, Congrads....If you have any second thoughts, just send it on down to Charleston, SC....I will give it a good home....
I've got plenty of pictures of course, but none of them live on a server. I can e-mail them, but my understanding is that they need to be on a server in order to post here. I better get this figured out soon, because I'm also going to post a 66 GT F/B project car for sale.
E-mail them to me. I will post them for you. Address is [email protected]
Congrats on the purchase. 2 years of searching isn't bad. It took me 5 years, but I am in the rust belt and didn't want to deal with rust.

Good Luck,
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