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65 GT Question

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How can you tell if a car is a real GT?? I have a friend who buys & resells cars, and he claims to have a GT. It has trumpet exaust,fog lights, GT gas cap etc... but all that can be changed. Is there any real distinguating marks?? Thanks!!

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There is only one definitive way to ID a '65 GT and, sorry, it only works on non-Interior Decor Group cars. Does the car have standard interior? If so, does it have a 5-dial instrument cluster? Dash panels with the 5-dial cluster will have an indented area above the steering column. Only factory GTs and cars with the Interior Decor Group will have this style of dash panel as it was used specifically for the 5-dial cluster. Even if it does have a 5-dial cluster, it should be pulled away from the dash panel to check to see if it’s a factory application as these clusters have been added by owners to standard interior cars over the years.
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