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I was wondering a couple of things about the color of paint in different locations on a 65 GT350 Mustang.. (I assume they are the same as all other mustangs)

I assume the floor pan color can be black or red oxide. I think my car was originally black. Is this color applied to the floors, trunk drop offs?, underside of trunk?, rear wheel wells?, and up to the point in the front where the metal curves up for the firewall?

The whole front part of the car, engine bay, and the front wheel wells are always painted black?

Are the backsides of the front fenders body color? What about the front fender splash shields?



I assume the inside of the trunk is body color, but I have seen some GT350 R models that have the inside of the trunk painted black?? Which is correct.. I only ask because 5R104 was a concours restoration and their trunk was black.
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