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'65 Hypo - You have a great looking car & sight

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I was just over at the VMF parking lot and looked at 65hypo's page. Wow. What a super job he's done on that car. And I love the vintage pictures of the car when brand new with the original owner next to it. You know the Mustang's styling has held up over the years a lot better than those "birth control" glasses they used to wear back in the day.

Anyway, anyone that want's to see what I mean


btw you all know what "birth control" glasses means right?

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Fabulous looking car. Love the vintage pics (and his B/C glasses). I think the cool car more than offset the effect his glasses might have had.....Dickson

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Thanks for the compliment. Your car is looking pretty darn good also. Looks like you've been working hard on her. How much longer 'till she's done? I'll have to pull my engine soon also and go through it. I've got some bad rings on the #6 and she's blowing oil. Man, you gotta love these cars!
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I love that car. The photography is very good too.
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I've been working hard on the engine. I've just barely scratched the surface on the hidden sheetmetal. The more I get to know about these cars, the more I realize that all the important stuff is underneath. So when I see someone that actually took the time to take all the undercoating off, fix everything and put it back together right, I am extremely impressed.


'65 Convertible (with many mods.)
What a great job you've done! That is a good looking car and website too. It is inspiration for me to tear into the underside of mine.

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