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65' inline-6 wont start *Help*

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Hi, im from washington and last June i purchased a 65' coup with a straight six in it. Ive been trying to get it started ever since. I re-built the carb and checked the gas lines and fuel pump. All were ok. One of my cousins owns an old duster and on his engin he has to have a cap over a hole in the top of the cover where the pistons are. On my engin im missing a cap that goes on the engin about 2-3 inches from the front of the piston block. I wondering if i need this "cap" for proper combustion to take place etc? Is this the case?
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Sounds like you're talking about the oil filler opening. It's not needed to get an engine to crank. But the oil will come out of it & make a mess.
Check you points. Check to make sure gas is going into the intake. Timing.
It could be a lot of things with the little bit of info you gave us. Does the engine spit thru the carb while trying to crank? Does it try to crank, but just spins? Need more info...

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