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65 "K" Coupe - Gasp

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As some of you read, over the weekend I went to a mustang graveyard that included some cool but ratty old mustangs: a 65 "K" coupe, 3 Boss 302s, and a Boss 351. Out of curiosity, today I inquired about the price of the "K" coupe. Keep in mind that this thing needs EVERYTHING. Gone, of course, are the hi-po motor and 9" rear. It needs new floors, and is pretty much a stripped rusty shell. But it does have a "K" as the fifth character in the VIN.....

Guess the asking price........


I could hardly believe it. The yard owner even says it needs "TLC (tons of loot and cash)", and that he has not plans for it. I know I'm sick and love to take on hopeless dream projects, but even I'll pass on this one.


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The world has definitely gone brain dead.

Some guys want a fortune just for original sheet metal. Saw in the classifieds a guy wants $200 for a pair of used splash shields for early disc brakes. Yikes. Another guy wants $450 for an unrestored 8k hi-profile ralley pac. He said he didn't even know if it worked.

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Do know how to weld sheet metal? If so I say go for it.

Incidentally, you're aren't married are you? SWMBO would never go for something like that.

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I am married, and somehow the wife has even admitted that the mustang sickness will continue. A friend of mine asked what I'd do when I finished my fastback (and that hopefully will happen this summer). To that she sighed and replied " I guess he'll find another project" So I guess I have half the battle won. Just the same I don't want to break the bank.
$1500 for a "K" shell, *complete with nothing but lots of rust*, seems kinda high. Dickson

1965 GT fastback
There's a fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness" - Dave Barry
Dickson - consider that within a few years, there will be virtually no 'unrestored' K-code cars except for a few rusting hulks like this one. In much the same way that a number of 'unrestorable' Shelbys (and many other historic cars) have 'risen from the ashes', this car will drive the streets again some day. The yard owner knows this. Someone will either rebuild this car (with aftermarket sheet metal probably) or worse yet, the VIN plates will be transferred to another car. If the car has a title and the value of a restored K-coupe goes to, say, 30 grand (not too far fetched), it will be resurrected. The power of $$$ will not be resisted!

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Dickson - A year or so ago, I recall a poster over on the old forum saying that his dad had an old K-coupe that was somewhat rusty and missing the original drivetrain. He said he was gonna put a 460 in it or something and you should have heard the howls from the Mustang faithful. There were some folks here who believed that this was a 'crime against nature' and that the only way the car should be restored was to concours standards. Not saying I agreed with one side or the other - but the purists will bring us the $30k K-coupe within 6 or 7 years I'd bet. That is exactly why that yard owner is hanging on to that rustbucket. Today, I doubt it would net him $10 in scrap iron, but someday, an entrepeneur or a 'puri
Seems like quite a lot to me!! I'd pass also.

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Less than a year ago I sold a 66 K F/B in the condition you describe for $800 without a title. It's currently undergoing a frame up resto. It was a candly apple red/black pony interior car.

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Know of a number of K code coupes that were for sale for $1500 recently. Must be a popular price. BTW there was a 428 CJ ram air Mach I for sale the other day without drivetrain for $1500 also.

Please believe me (after owning approx 60-70 of these things) this is the worst way to buy a Mustang. Sold tons of these types of Mustangs to dreamers only to buy them back after the next owner sunk more money in them. In ways it hurt to buy them back, often for less than what I sold the car to them for in the first place

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