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1965 Ford Mustang
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Hello! i recently entered a huge project of converting a i6 mustang to a 302.
I bought the car with a shot c4 tranny on Facebook market place as i was bored in class.
Currently me being bored under quarantine i figured to start to convert it to a 302.
Now i just pulled the tranny and rebuilt it a week ago to withstand the power added to a v8.
Im currently just fixing all the rust in the interior, welding up new patches and plan on putting por 15.
Now i already got suspensions,but i dont want to put it on yet without getting a new differential.
Currently its a 7.25" 2.83 open diff.
Any thoughts on a better differential.
I plan on making this car a weekend cruiser with some power with the 302.
Now i really dont have any pictures besides the one i have right now.
I would go take some right now but its raining and if i take the cover off it will result in there being a pond inside the car.
But enjoy this picture of a bondo and spray paint job from the owner before me.

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cool project!
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