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65 Mustang, major accident free.
This is an unrestored 55 year old car, with a few additions. This is not a new car, and looks like it!

Basic overview-
Engine is a gt40 5.0L from en Explorer, mated to a 5-speed T5. Manual rack and pinion steering, power disk Brakes all around, new carpet, just needs body work to finish.

'65 mustang coupe. Originally a 6-cyl manual.
K&N cone air filter on a 70mm ford MAF into a 65MM throttle body.
Air then goes through an Explorer GT40 style intake, with drilled/tapped lower intake for ACT sensor.
Air then goes past 19lb injectors into GT40 heads (NOT GT40P heads), past valves opened and closed by a Motorstport B-303 cam and TFS stage-1 valve springs with 1.6 aluminum roller rockers.
The long block is a factory sealed Ford explorer long block w/ new oil seals.
Exhaust is a set of JBA shorty for a '65 mustang, into a JBA downpipe into 2 1/2 exhaust and over the axle to tips just below the rear valance.
EFI is factory Ford, powered by an A9L processor. I did this so I could get parts for it, if I needed them. Harness is a modified mustang harness. Front battery is an Odyssey PC680 racing battery that always starts the car fine.

Flywheel is a new mustang wheel, with a cobra clutch.
The 5-speed trans is a Ford Mustang 5.0L v8 trans, from '93 (will confirm part number), and shifts nicely due to a Hurst shifter.
Driveshaft is a new unit (not rebuilt) for the T5 and 8in rear. The rear gears are 3.50s, but with no limited slip :-(

The suspension is ALL new from mustangs plus-
Front has new arms with poly bushings and 620lb springs and their mid-performance shock (stronger than a KYB, but not as firm as others). Has a performance sway bar, also from mustangs plus.
Front steering is a rack and pinion conversion kit from Unisteer, although it has bump steer which can make high-speed runs on the street a white-knuckle ride. Front brakes are '68 mustang disk brakes with braided lines.
Rear suspension is all new also- 4 1/2 leaf mid-eye give it an aggressive stance, and the same mustangs plus shocks are in the rear. Rear sway bar is also a mustangs plus unit. Rear brakes are ford Explorer disk brakes, and are mated to the correct parking brake lever for this setup, but I couldn't get them working correctly.
Rims are 16in v6 mustang rims with the fake knock-offs. I went with these so I could get replacements if one got dinged.

Gas tank is new, as is the rear externally mounted EFI pump and feed/return lines.

Interior has an Autopower 4-point roll cage. I also added 3-point seat belts for added safety.
Seats are SCAT, by Procar (these were $699 ea).

The car needs- the rest. The body is in one piece, but has rust holes as this was built in '65 and not yet restored. It has been several colors over it's past, recent white with surface rust. It has always been a California car, and spent most of it's life in southern CA (LA/San Diego area)
The speedo cable needs to be replaced, and mated to the T5 and white aftermarket speedo (all other gauges work fine).

Next things I would have done next- 24lb injectors, fix the bump steer issue, fix the parking brake, new windshlield/headliner. Windscreen seal leaks, I just keep it covered.

The only reason I'm selling is that I don't drive it as much as it needs to be driven, time to let the next gearhead finish it. This is an original CA black plate car, so I'd prefer a CA buyer.
Yes, I can work with a reputable shipping company, and have shipped 6+ cars for others before.

Asking $10,000. Sorry, no trades.


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Some additional pics. I plan on taking a video of the car (and rust spots for those interested). Stay tuned!!


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