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'65 Original Door Data Plate

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While preparing my car for concours driven competition, should I continue to use my well-worn original door data plate, or get a new one re-stamped? My car is a HiPo convertible and the original plate is a valuable item for proof of authenticity. How do judges view a not so perfect data plate?
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I wouldn't deduct for an original, but if it was corroded bad and maybe had lots of paint overspray, I might mention it on the judging sheet. It'd have to be in pretty bad shape and illegible to get a deduction.

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If damaged, painted or in general poor condition I might deduct but more likely I would make it one of those freebies judges often award - with a comment.

If just old and worn I don't believe I would have a problem with it... but someone might post where I did at some point in the past :(
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