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65 PS Pumps

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I came across something (don't remember where it was) that said the 65 Ford PS pumps had different filler necks for A/C and non-A/C cars. The A/C equiped car had the large diameter filler and the non A/C cars had the small neck filler. Is this right? And is the small neck filler similar to the later cars? My car (65 convert 289) had A/C with a large neck PS pump. I am not putting the A/C back on the car.
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You are right in that there are differences in the 65-66 powersteering pumps between AC and non, however, the difference is in the cant (angle of the filler neck), not in large vs small necks( I am skipping the differences in the early Eaton Pumps on 64.5). The small filler neck with dipstick pumps are strictly 67 and later to my knowledge and from what I have read.The 65-66 used the large neck pumps with no dipstick and twist cap, on AC cars the neck was tilted back, while on non-AC cars it was pretty much vertical, filling level was checked visually.

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