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65 Radiator Question

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This question pertains to the top of my radiator in my 65 289 car. The flaps that fold over the top of the top tank on each end are square. The radiators that I have seen have rounded ends on these flaps. My radiator has a C4ZE number stamped into one mounting flange, so I know it is a Ford part, but did Ford get different radiators from different suppliers? I just want to make sure I have the right unit.

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Ford always used (well most of the time) out side vendors for many of the parts

The tags appear to be more comonly used in the eastern part of the country and replacements seem to have been provided by the same maker. San Jose cars commonly have the upper tanks stamped (no tags) with the marker, and even date it was made. Restorers often use the radiators with tags becasue a correctly date (for the car) is often difficult to find

Is this a standard 3 row radiator? The square ends do not sound familar to me either for the standard radiator.

Sure Charles will have some more details and throughts to add

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