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65 rear brake shoes - which way do they go?

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I want to make sure that I put my rear brake shoes back on my 65 the right way. Does the longer shoe (the one with the most meat) go to the front or rear? When I took the brakes apart, the longer one was on the rear. However, when I read the instructions that came with my new brake spring kit, it says that the yellow spring goes on the secondary (rear) shoe. I would think that the secondary shoe would be the shorter one which is the one that came off the front. Maybe I am wrong about this and the secondary show IS the bigger one. Just want to make sure.
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According to my shop manual, the primary shoe is the larger shoe.


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i always buy a shop manual just for this type of thing, i forget what what im doin before i finish what im doin... old age maybe? i hope anyways...
to fix this problem i only do one side at a time, so i can look at the other side.
All may be faster to keep a(camachinist) in your pocket for reference.................

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