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1965 Mustang GT Convertible (289 4V)
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I just picked up my first mustang a couple months back and am trying to chase down an ignition / mix issue. I've been having a rough idle since I bought her, and trying to chase down what exactly is going on. It appears to be running rich. So far I have:
  • Cleaned & restored the carb (600CFM Edelbrock).
  • Replaced spark plugs & wires
  • Replaced cap, rotors & choke cap (have new pertronix coil & ignitor but haven't replaced it yet.)
  • Replaced the in-line fuel filter
  • Adjusted the timing

I'm now on to the fuel system, and trying to piece together the previous owners set-up. It appears they have a 66/67 fuel pump installed, and moved to in-line fuel filter + fuel pressure controller vs. the 65 single piece pump/filter. Wondering if this may be the cause of the issue (though running rich seems counter to a pump issue.) Looking for pointers of where to look next. Worth going back to the 65 pump and removing the in-line regulator & filter? Photos of the pump & in-line filter/regulator attached.

Separately, I am also getting a ping coming from 5-8 side of the engine upon first start-up until fully warm. I'm less comfortable taking on engine work myself, but curious if these may be related.
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