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65 to 67 Convertible for 10k?

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O.K., I'm sure a lot of you seen my earlier post about the 94 GT Convertible that I'm looking at. It still high on the list at this point, but the SWMBO just through a new twist at me to consider. She mentioned she wouldn't mind a classic convertible as well. Only problem is, She say's I can't spend more than 10k.(big help that is!) So what kind of condition should I expect a 65 to 67 convertible to be in for about that price? I live in California, so I'm sure that plays a part as well.

Give me some ideas on what to expect, so I won't be dissapointed if I find something

My only requirements would be a power top(for SWMBO) and a V8(for me),


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I'd say in California 10K would buy you a heck of a lot of car. Out here in the Boston area, that would buy a #3 car. Not a show winner, but a descent car.

You should be able to get something really nice in CA for that kind of $$.

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In Dallas, when people ask me that, I tell them they can get quite a decent car for 10K. In fact I tell people do not spend any less if you want to drive it soon and often.

Rust free, good paint, clean undercarriage, nice wheels, 289 convertible is about 10K here around Dallas. I paid 14K for mine, but all original - not restored, matching numbers.

Coupes cost about half of convertibles around here.
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When I was looking for a convert..I was looking at prices from 3 to 20 grand..I would think for 10 big should be able to find a decent convert..especially in need another car anyway..*LOL*

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You should know I have a weakness, and when the SWMBO gives me the go ahead to do something, especially buy another stang, I don't ask twice. Although I do need to start moving a few cars out to make room.

Only catch on buying a car this time.... It has to pass her approval. /forums/images/icons/crazy.gif


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Yes, you can get a nice convertible for $10K. I'm from Sacramento, I shopped for a 65-68 convertible last year. I had a budget of up to $10,000 too. I wanted a original, numbers matching, rust free car in excellent condition, V8, automatic, PS, PB & PT. I looked at dozens of cars before I found my 67 GTA vert. in San Ramon and paid less than $10K.
If you don't mind me asking, what was the condition of your car when purchased? Such as what needed attention, replaced or rebuilt.



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I've looked at the magazines and on the net, and for 10 grand, you should be able to get a really nice decent vert, especially in Cali. Here on the East Coast, that would get a #3 car, but out there
NO RUST to contend with. Good Luck!

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Doug, The car was used very little the 10 years before I bought it but was maintaned. Before I drove it home to Sac. from the Bay Area I had a shop check it out and change the fluids. The only problem I had was it would run a bit hot but not overheat. I added a shroud, thermostat & Water Wetter and that fixed the problem. Other than that just some general maintenance and waxing. Any work I have done to the car has been because I wanted to, such as upgrading the carb & intake. The car was always garaged and was all original except the deluxe steering wheel was replaced and had never been wrecked The engine, trans, interior & exterior were in great shape. Looking at Red66's picture of his car from his post above, the picture quality of my car would be the same (except the year and color), mine is white on white.
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