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WTF is the fuel filter to the LEFT of the carb hooked to??? '65 fuel pump should have an attached canister filter and steel hard line to the carburetor. Also check that you're not sucking air into the hole in the intake manifold spacer directly below the carburetor mounting nut you can see in the photo.
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Start with the proper plumbing as Woodchuck points out. The rubber line from the fuel pump to the carb is asking for an engine fire. The ‘65’s came with the best fuel pump Ford out on a 1960’s era car. If your fuel pump doesn’t have a canister fuel filter built in to it , then ditch it and get the correct part. NPD has them. While you are at it, as Woodchuck also suggests, get the all steel pump to carb fuel line, You don’t need or want to have an inline fuel filter. The one built in to the correct fuel pump is the best filter available today.You’ll then have a good chance of keeping your car from being toast, and can begin to find the root issues

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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