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I hate to do this but the time has run out. I had hoped to have the car finished before college, but I never finished it. I've been on this forum for a couple years so a lot of you know what I've done to the car, but for those who don't, heres a description.

Mechanically the car is great.


89k and was running perfectly when resto began.
Nearly everything that could be bolted on has been, including new polished intake, Street Avenger Carb, chrome fuel pump, new water pump, completely electronic ignition including billet distributor and control box, MSD 8.5 mm wires, Sandersen Headers, The list goes on and on.
All the engine needs is someone to tweak the timing and carb, I just never had the time.


Sanderson ceramic coated headers leading into a fully custom 2.5" exhaust system. Mufflers are Flowmaster 50 Series Delta Flows which sounds awesome.


The brake system has been TOTALLY redone... Stock drum brakes with all new parts, new stainless steel lines, new master cylinder etc etc.

The suspension has also been completely redone including:
#620 1" drop springs up front with KYB shocks, midolyne bushings, new control arms, 1" sway bar. Rear suspension has KYB shocks and 5 leaf springs also with a 1" drop.


Here is a list of all the body/sheetmetal that has been replaced:
Full quarter panels, Fenders, Door shells, rear frame rails, Floor pans, Seat risers, Rear trunk brace, Trunk floors, Trunk drop-offs, Rear inner wheelwells, and parts of outer wheelwells.... As I said the car is completely rust free minus some minor surface rust on the primer, but can easily be taken off with a wirewheel or something.
Also, the floor pans, frame rails and inside/outside of engine bay have been coated with at least 3 layers of por-15 for rust protection.


The dash has been finished with all new parts and paint. The seats have been recovered in blue/white pony-style upholstery and look beautiful. Basically I have most interior parts to complete the installation of a full pony interior minus the door panels and carpeting.

The car itself doesn't need much to be fully completed. I have done all the hard work using top quality parts and doing everything right. The list of stuff I've done is too long to type, but I have over 13-14,000 dollars invested, Im only hoping to get around $6500, less than half of the money I've put into it.

I have all receipts from all work done as well.

pictures can be found at the following link:

Email me at [email protected] for any questions you may have, or if you need more pictures of anything, let me know.

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