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and now the car will not start. Here are points of issue and clarity:

1. The solenoid/relay wires are correct EXCEPT the yellow wire, which I assume is some sort of ground or headlamp wire, has no male accompanyment to its female connector. The former loom actually was missing this connector: it looked as though someone had cut it off.

2. The red-and-white wire to the coil on the old loom was a simple electrical washer connection with a nut to hold it on. The new loom connection is a solid L-connector. How would this affect the ability to start?

3. The engine turns over fine, but its as if there is no spark with the new loom. I replaced the new with the old loom, and it started. I've once again placed the new loom on and it will, obviously, not start again.

4. Several of the old connectors were worn through on the old loom. In fact, the connector to the temperature sending unit was disconnected/broken off the loom.

5. In both instances, old and new, the temperature gauge automatically shoots/shorts well past H. This could be a fuse or gauge issue, right?

Anyone have any ideas?

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I would start by checking your new loom agaist a wiring diagram, you can download a copy from midlifes web page below. I know for one thing the red/white wire you speek of should go to the temp sender, not the coil. You may have some others in the wrong location.


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Temperature wire has an obvious short somewhere, perhaps a pinched wire that exposes the wire to the chassis.

The yellow wire is quite important. It connects to the alternator voltage regulator. That portion of the wire attaches to the headlamp harness.

It doesn't matter what kind of connector you use on the coil, so long as it does make connection.
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