I have a very nice 66 Mustang convertible with 289 2bbl, engine,C4 Transmission, 8" rear end, front 8 cyl brakes drums and plates,Engine and transmission are fine. I drive the car everywhere. The engine is 100% w/air cleaner, A/C Compressor,P/S pump and lines and slave cylinder and rods,Alternator, Complete exhaust system (Single) all stock and good. Engine is still in the car and you can drive it before I pull everything out. It will not be striped of any parts. I am going to do a engine swap this winter and I won't pull it out till it's sold. So, if you have a 6 cylinder car buy this and some V8 spindles and you're all set. streetrodder1969 at gmail is a good way to learn more. Shipping would be hard to do. But you'll get everything, Wires on engine and the linkage, I may have the steering column and rear springs to sell as well. Like I said you can come drive it before you buy it. I'll make a video of the engine and take some engine pictures as well. Engine has no leaks or issues and same hold true on the transmission and rear end. A really nice rust free 66 Convertible, I love it.