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66 & 65 Prices

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Ok everyone....I was driving around Georgetown SC today and happened upon a classic car dealer.

He had a couple of cars that caught my eye....but the prices seem pretty heavty.....

1st car
1966 289 2v convertible, burgundy metallic, 4 speed, supposedly a frame up resto job, but lots of little things that I didn't see very faded wood glove box door, and gauges, also had a rally pack that just didn't seem to fit with the the plastic was the wrong color (the rally pack was just worn out looking) also had a dent in the inside of the drivers door...where your elbow sits. The felt strips all needed replacing. Listed for $16,900

2nd car....289 2v coupe poppy red with white vinyl top...looked clean...nothing that looked bad at all. nice fog lamps and trumpets in the back....could this be a GT? I don't know them that well. Listed for $12,900

Let me know what you guys think....I just need something to compare these to...I'm not thinking of buying them...too expensive for me.


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Those look like normal dealer prices, although I agree that the coupe is up there at the extreme high end of the range.

The convertible sounds like a #3 car and that price seems about right for a dealer. If you look around the web at places like KAR Mustang and some of the other classic dealers, you'll see C- and A-code convertibles priced from $13K to $25K. Right now there is a K-code, non-GT convertible on the web for $34K. To get those higher prices, the cars have to be exceptionally nice, however.

On the other hand, private seller prices are lower. I bought SWMBO's '65 A-code convertible for $9,750. It was an older restoration that looked really good to the average person. No rust, new top, new interior, etc. So the deals are out there, but you have to look at a lot of junk to find them.

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