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66 & 65 Prices

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Ok everyone....I was driving around Georgetown SC today and happened upon a classic car dealer.

He had a couple of cars that caught my eye....but the prices seem pretty heavty.....

1st car
1966 289 2v convertible, burgundy metallic, 4 speed, supposedly a frame up resto job, but lots of little things that I didn't see very faded wood glove box door, and gauges, also had a rally pack that just didn't seem to fit with the the plastic was the wrong color (the rally pack was just worn out looking) also had a dent in the inside of the drivers door...where your elbow sits. The felt strips all needed replacing. Listed for $16,900

2nd car....289 2v coupe poppy red with white vinyl top...looked clean...nothing that looked bad at all. nice fog lamps and trumpets in the back....could this be a GT? I don't know them that well. Listed for $12,900

Let me know what you guys think....I just need something to compare these to...I'm not thinking of buying them...too expensive for me.


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Well, I'm not sure how the pricing of cars runs in your state compared to Ca, but typically, convertibles go for $3-5 K more than coupes of comparable drivetrain. The coupe is probably near the top range of its value.

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