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66 alternator wiring

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Hey guys--

It is finally that time to wire the new engine back together, but it has been so long that I can't remember where the alternator wires go. As I recall (since the car is at the shop) there are 3 different wires. One wire splits into two different ends, one with small connector at the end, and one with relatively large washer style connector at the end. The other two wires are both relatively small connectors and have insulating boots attached to them. I believe there are only 3 spots on the alternator to connect wires to, so that leaves one out. I believe the one that needs a home is the half of the wires that splits into two, and has the relatively large washer type connector. I know this is a really rough way of describing the wiring situation, but wont be back out to the shop until the morning, at which time I am hoping to wire it. If someone could take a peek at their alternator and see how it is wired, or if you know off hand, i guess that works too. This is on a 66 coupe with 289.

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Dave, I don't really know but would be interested as well since I understand that one of these is an alternative wiring spot to get a 12V source for my new electric choke. Any advice for both of us anyone?
The wire with the split connector and the large ring on one end is your ground. The one post on the alternator that the 66 does not use is STA, or stator.
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