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66 Auto Trans Conversion

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I have a 66 Mustang with a 4 speed manual transmission...what will it cost me to convert it to an automatic? Parts and labor. I will not be doing it myself :) Appreciate any feedback.
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Depends on your location, and whether you have a rebuildable C-4 to supply. Here in AR, the rebuild would cost you about $450.


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I have a 66 C4 from a 6 cyl. car with neutral safety switch and kickdown cable for sale, if you need a rebuildable unit. The bellhousing is for a six, but I believe that the C4 is the same for the 6 as the 8. Others may know better, if so I stand corrected. Asking $125 OBO.
There should be a ton of Mustang owners out there that would be willing to trade a C-4 Auto setup for your existing 4-Speed and all of the related components. I would rebuild the C-4 in any case. They are relatively cheap to do (about $450 to $650). I think the C-4 is a great tranny and ran one 180,000 miles with no problems, then rebuilt it just because it was old. Let someone else worry about clutch discs, throwout bearing etc. I think autos are great and especially if it is a real daily driver. Good luck.

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I'm one of the owners who would be interested in trading my auto set up for the 4-spd for my 1966 GT convertible. Mine originally came with the 4-spd but the PO did the swap because his disability prevented him from driving a manual. I've been thinking the same question as to cost of putting it back to the original 4-spd set up.

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I'd love to do a swap with you; but Chicago is a long way from Arkansas...
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