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Trying to help a neighbor clean out her garage. Her sons (who are apparently mechanics) got her a Mustang and were going to restore it. They got started, and then the project stalled, then it got moved to her garage for safe keeping from some hurricanes, and then it's sat in the exact same spot for years now. She's accepted that it's not going to happen and she's ready to let it go to someone who will actually finish it. $2500 OBO sitting out of the elements just outside of Tampa.

The basics:
66, Blue, C-Code, Hardtop, C4, Front Discs, title, matching VINs.

The 289 has been pulled and a 76(?) 302 has been sat in it's place with the 289 intake sat on top. Aside from the intake not being really bolted down the 302 looks intact. Since the 302 is just barely bolted in there nothing is bolted to it. There's a new alternator in a box and there are brackets that probably go to it.

It also comes with some giant headers that I'm not sure fit, and extra oil pan and valve covers, a radiator a fan shroud (that honestly looks bigger than the radiator), fan and whatever else you see in the pics.

Looks like the normal C4 to me. Linkage and torque converter's in the trunk, no flywheel, shifter assembly or drive shaft.

Cowl and driver's quarter need replacing. Driver's quarter's been hacked on. A new skin is included, but I'd just do the whole quarter. Floors already done. Drip rails and front/rear window frames are good. Some rust on fenders and lower doors but not terrible and new fenders are included. Trunk lid has some bondo on the rear edge. Missing all bodywork forward of the radiator support except the grille itself. Rear valance included, but dented up. One brand new back up light in the box for it though.

New looking ball joints and tie rods. Old tie rods included along with what appears to be an extra new pitman arm.

Steering is manual. No PS to worry about.

Front disc brakes, rear drums. Extra new brake calipers included, no idea if they fit though. Someone has slapped a dual bowl master on the firewall, but they took off most (all?) of the lines. Some lines were in the trunk along with the distribution block, but they're not on the car and were never hooked to that master cylinder.

Radio hole in the dash is good. Seats look good. Maybe 8/10. Inner rear quarters are good. New kick panels. Used glove box door and instrument cluster face included. No gauges. No heater box (though we do have the defogger ducts). We have the face and vents for an AC unit, but no other AC components. Missing driver's rear window and passenger door window. Parts of a short AC compatible console are included. Also has new window felts and an assortment of seals new in the bags. Back window is included, but there is no windshield (though there are two sets of the dash pad to windshield trim.)

Gas tank was removed, but there's a new sending unit.
Extra (rusty) fastback deck lid included. No idea why there's a fastback deck lid, there just is.

The car is in decent enough shape, but it needs some attention to get it back on the road. It's got plenty of parts to bolt back on, but then it's missing a random assortment of other things. If you need a new project in your life though PM me and you can have something to do over the winter.











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Somebody out there needs a new project to work on while the weather's nice. Come on down and claim your prize.

The big swap meets are coming up so it'll be easy to pick up any missing bits and pieces. Zephyrhills is the 14th, Daytona's obviously Thanksgiving and Carlisle is coming in February.

Only $1999.95 OBO! Come on down to Tampa and pick up your next project today!
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