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I caught a good deal on a used '66 console($40) from a local junk yard. Would I have a problem mounting it or with clearance? Appears to fit ok. Anyone else done this?

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Why not turn around and sell it to someone who needs one for their 65/66 and take the $$ and buy the correct one for your 68.

If it's in good condition I know you could get more for it than you paid. Or who knows, maybe theres a 65/66 guy out there that has a 68 console sitting in the back of his garage not being used, he might trade straight across.

Just a thought!


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I agree. The '68 console is pretty neat too - I have one in my coupe. I also saw the upper half of one for sale at the Arlington swap meet today (although I can't remember how much they wanted for it).

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Hey, what kind of console is it? Is it the long style console without the A/C or is it the short style with the A/C? Please let me know because I'm looking for a long sytle console that I can put on my '66 mustang. In my car I have the short style which I don't want anymore, so let me know because I'm willing to buy it depending on if it's the long style. Late

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