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I need to sell my project, due mostly to the recent fourth addition to our family. I love the girl, but she spends way too much time in the garage when she should be out on the town. The car was an original A-code 3-speed, stripped down and re-built. There are a few things that still need to be done, namely:

1) The 289 needs some work. It runs strong, but I think there may be some cylinder scoring that occurred after it sat during the restoration.
2) Rear end is clunking and vibrating at speed.
3) Cracked exhaust manifold
4) Paint is a '15 foot' job
5) Fender lines (especially on driver side) are 'goofy' for lack of a better term.
6) Needs shocks.
7) Driver door and dash need to be painted (I have the paint, just haven't got around to it).
8) Needs a new headliner.
9) Windshield leaks.
10) A bit of fender rub when turning/backing. Again, just haven't got around to finding the spot on the fender and fixing it.

If I was going to keep her any longer, my plans were to get some good fenders and re-paint her and all new exhaust with shorties. But I don't have the money (see above for reason for selling).

Now, on to the goodies:

1) Completely re-built and tweaked C4 auto. It's the 23 spline and originally from a '70 Falcon (IIRC). All new clutches and bands and I did a few tweaks with the valve body for some nice firm shifts. She'll scratch shifting into second.
2) 60's vintage Torque-Thrust Original 14's on the front, ~3 year old 15" TTO's on the rear. Like-new BFG T/A's on all four corners.
3) Following sheet metal repairs/replacements were done during the restoration:

  • Cowl repair
  • Full floors
  • Frame rail extensions
  • Trunk floors
  • Quarters (outer and inner)
  • Outer wheel houses
  • Battery tray and inner fenders (both sides)
  • Door skins
4) Interior upholstery and carpet is all new.
5) Painless wiring harness installed for all new wiring throughout.
6) Disc brakes on the front and dual MC.
7) Dual exhaust with GT tips and rear valance. The rear brake hose was correctly swapped for the dual exhaust.
8) Edelbrock 500cfm 4bbl carb and Performer RPM manifold on the top end.
9) New suspension rubber throughout, new springs (high-rate in front, standard leafs in the back).

There's a lot more I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Serious buyers only - no photo collectors please. The car is in Blue Springs, MO. I'm asking $9000 for it and all the parts (extra glass, tires, chrome, etc.) in my garage.

Teaser photo:

Contact me via email at edavis51 at for more info/photos.
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