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66 Fastback Seat Belt Question

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Attached are two photos. The first is my friend's 66 fastback with Pony interior. The second is my 66 fastback, standard interior. Notice how my friend's fastback rear seats have slots for the hump-side seat belts? My upholstery doesn't have those. I really don't like the routing of my hump-side belts, but I couldn't see another way without cutting the upholstery.


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That looks dangerous..There is supposed to be slots in your upholstery as well. Maybe a shop sewed new covers in the past and forgot to include them. I think rear belts were an option in `65 but manditory in `66.
I agree with nightmist. I have a 66 fastback with TMI standard upholstery. The slots were there when I put the seat covers on. IIIRC Seatbelts were mandatory in 1966, unless you maybe have a very early one?

I also have standard interior. The original had the slots, the first replacement had the slots and the ones I'm about to put on have the slots. TMI is also what I am using.............
I have an original (not recovered) standard 66 Fastback seat and it has the slots.
Thanks for the feedback. Looks like I'll be taking off the upholstery and finding a way to make some slots.

Hello, hog ring pliers!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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