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I need some help putting a value to my fastback. I am not ready to sell yet, I need to pull the car out of the back garage and inventory the parts and take some pictures. I need to be sure of what I have collected for the car as I was buying the parts 20 years ago.

It is a 1966 C code Fastback with clear NJ title and the mileage is unknown. I have too many much going on in my life and I am just not going to get around to the fastback. I finally can make some time to pull the shell out of my back garage to take pictures of it. It has been sitting untouched for the last 15 to 20 years in my dry garage under cover. I need some help in establishing a reasonable value on what I have as I am really out of touch with the market. I have been sporadically looking at ebay and the classifieds here and been surprised how much people seem to be paying for rusty C code body shells.

I am particular about trying to keep all the original parts in a car. I was working on returning this car to a zero mile from factory car. I have looked at thousands of Mustangs and was trying to not make the mistakes that many other restorers make when doing all the rust repairs. I was also accumulating some good parts, I really like NOS Ford stuff when I can afford it. I know this body could be used as a start of a high points show car.

Body had rust in vents, floors, lower rear and forward quarter panels, left side rear trunk floor, around 1 foot or so of the rear rails, and batt box. Was hit in rear. No rust into the front rails or other structure. I welded up all the panels and made sure there was good penetration. I pulled the cowl panel and constructed the vent areas from scratch, being careful to preserve the correct positions of parts. I did not just put in a full lower quarter patch. I made up the inside metal to accurately follow the original contours and then only replaced the bad areas of metal. The rear structure was replaced using the original panels as a guide before I replaced the inner trunk floor. The car had two minor hits in the rear. I used NOS Ford sheet metal for the outer cross panel and the inner cross structure. I aligned using the factory index holes and the real nice rust free trunk lid I bought. The radio hole was opened up some and that was replaced with a section of an original dash. All the repairs were done to best keep the original features. I even reconstructed the rear flaps for the convertible inner rocker panels that are found on all bodies.

The front fenders are both rust free originals. The hood is a particularly nice rust free hood. The doors have had patched done on the outside and need some work in the front lower textured metal.

The body is a rolling chassis. It needs to be sanded down and sealed with modern paints. I started with lacquer based primers and quite frankly was learning how to do leveling. The front suspension has impossible to find OEM manufacturer upper and lower control arms, not the modern repros that are not the same quality. I was setting this car up to drive and I do not skip. It has new (not NOS) rear springs and the front springs are the originals that came with the car.

I have a close in date code 289 block and heads. I have both a 2 and 4 bbl intake. The engine has the correct Ford pulleys for A/C and the body has been properly set up for A/C. I used Greenlee punches to make the correct round holes needed for the A/C lines. I have the underdash unit and all the brackets for the A/C. I also have both the clutch and flex fans needed for A/C. I also have the proper air cleaner and a full engine rebuild kit.

I have an auto trans from a 67 mustang. I also have a proper toploader with a broken tailshaft. I have the shifter and linkage and I also have a (I believe NOS) back up switch. I have the pedal parts to do auto or manual.

When I took the car apart I took notes and bagged the parts for each area. I have all the fastback interior parts. I have all the fastback exterior stainless. I have 2 rear windows in good condition.

I also have some NOS light parking light housings. I have a lot of the reproduction interior and exterior parts. I have a new blue interior kit, including the dash pad.

I have a used set up that is most of what is needed to put disk brakes on the front. I would need rotors, master cylinder, and rebuild the prop valve and calipers.

I have most of what is needed to build the car. I need to generate a better list. I need to pull the body out of the garage since all the parts are in boxes in the car. I hope to free up the time to do this in the next couple of weeks.



BTW, I am in the process of restoring a 1931 Model A Cabriolet. I also have a 65 convertible (only a 6 cyl) as been in the family since the early 70's. The poor car had a bad restoration by my father and one day I will make it like new.
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