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'66 FB vents

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Did '66 fastbacks come with a gasket on the rear vents? I was looking at an old ford diagram of the back glass, and it shows the window gaskets with their part #'s, but there is also an arrow pointing to what looks like a gasket on the vents. I thought there wasn't one, does anybody know?
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No they did not have a gasket. My 65 2+2 did not have them and also a 66 2+2 nor the 68 FB that I stripped did not have a gasket either. They use a putty that is similiar to a plumbers putty if I remember correctly.
The 66 assembly manual doesn't show a gasket or sealer of any kind. The only prep work mentioned for that area is to apply blackout paint to air extractor cavity.

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There were no gaskets on my 65 FB , just a bunch of now-hard but probably originally flexible black putty. I'll replace it on reassembly to hopefully keep leaks to a minimum.

Also, FYI - I intend to hard-line plumb with ABS or PVC the drain from the vents directly through the floorboard. Just another invisible and cheap mod for peace of mind - Dickson

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dickson- Does your car have the softer rubber hose that connects to the drain holes. They used the wire hose clamp to connect and hold them in place. I would use a heater hose instead of rigid plastics because they may crack or break from vibration. Rigid plastics are designed for solid and non-moving installations.
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