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66 GT coupe ?????

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How can you determine wether a 66 is a true GT or not. My sons friend just bought a 66 GT and were not sure that it really is. It has 289 emblems that say "High Performance" and a badge on both front fenders saying "GT".
The strange thing we've noticed though was the location of the VIN number, it's further back toward the hood hinge. The fender appears to be cut out to show the VIN number, however the factory cut-out; between the shock tower and radiator; in the fender is still there. Also the exhaust go out through the rear valance with fluted tail pipes.
We are just curious if it is a true GT.

Thanks for your help.
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whats the VIN? If the second character is a 'T' then it would have originally had a metal tag screwed to the top of one of the inner fender panels with some numbers stamped on it. It it has PIO, then it was originally a GT(assuming the info matches the stamped VIN and doorplate)

i would suggest trying a search on this forum on 'GT', there was a discussion a couple weeks ago.

basically, to start, the car has to be an A or K engine to be a GT. This normally rules out about 75% of the non-original GT's

the high performance badge would indicate a K code originally, but it is very common for owners to buy the emblem and put it on their non-K code cars.

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On my 66, I have two VIN stampings on the driver's side inner fenders. One is in the normal place, on the front inner fender. It is exposed by the factory cutout. The other is hidden underneath the fender on the rear inner fender panel. If this car has two cutouts, I would guess that the PO cut the rear one himself.

Does the car have disk brakes? Dual exhaust? A code in VIN? Side quarter ornaments? Lower rocker chrome?

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It is almost impossible to tell a factory GT from a well done clone. A GT will not have rocker panel trim or rear quarter scoop emblems. Also look under the driver side dash for a fog light switch along with round holes in the radiator support for fog light wiring and under the rear of the car for original dual exhaust hangers. The GT also quicker ratio steering and the numbers on the box(I can't remember) will indicate this.
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