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I'm trying to determine the stated value for my car in case of total loss - I need to insure it for this value.

If for some reason my car was stolen or totalled, what do you guys think I should value my car at? Here's the details:

66 Conv
factory GT (yes, I'm quite sure of this)
4 speed
Deluxe interior
power top
#'s match
Mechanically stock and perfect condition
Fully restored in '96 with less than 10K miles since (mostly highway - 4K in transp miles!)
Strong #2 condition as it is driven lightly and not trailered.
Original, straight body with ZERO rust, no chips or dings.

Also, has the value of this car leveled off, or is it on the rise? I rarely see Mustangs for sale with these factory options, so I don't have much to go off of.

So what do you think, guys. I was thinking $30K - just wonder if that would be enough to replace my car with one just as nice with the same options. I searched long and hard for a genuine K-code GT Conv to find this one.


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We 65/66 owners don't have the luxury of exact numbers like the 67 and later folks. However, there were very very few of these cars (gt k code convs.) made, and of course even fewer still exist. I would also guess $30k or a little more. You may want to ask your agent for prices on a $30k, $32.5k, and $35k policies, if there isn't much difference, then get the larger one. Also, when the economy takes off again, our cars will probably start a serious round of price appreciation, so in another 3 years or so, we may all be paying a bit more for insurance.


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I have the same car that you have ,65 GT K convert,silversmoke grey w/red delux,#2 cond w/full doc`s
frome day 1,and its ins for 38.5 but i also have a full picture history of the slowwww resto of it ,and rec`s
of all money spent in case anything ever happens.
good luck Dave
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