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66 Hipo Air cleaner identification

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Hi all,

I think I was reading in Tony Gregory's "289 High Performance" guide that the air cleaner base of a K-code should have some date stamp or code on it. I just stripped the paint off of mine (used Jasco (sp?) and this stuff is great, btw.) and could find no identifing marks. So I assume I have some reproduction air cleaner.
Quesiton; Is there a way to tell if you have an original air cleaner for the K-codes? I ask this because my chrome cover is pitted and could use a rechroming. If it's an original, it would be worrth it to me to spend the money to rechrome it, otherwise I'll just buy a reproductions unit or see if I can find an oringal or NOS air cleaner.

Best Regards,

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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